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Acupuncture has not only endured for thousands of years, but has become more popular than ever. Discover how this ancient medicine can transform your life.

Classical Chinese Acupuncture is an essential modality for healing, and provides key advantages over modern methods by virtue of the extensive and powerful knowledge contained within the Chinese medical tradition. A knowledge of the Acupuncture Meridians and points gives a practitioner the ability to control, regulate and treat many conditions quickly and effectively. It’s like having access to the control panel that governs your health.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

An ancient and highly sophisticated method of formulating and prescribing herbs so that each herb in the formulation balances out the effects of the others, and produces profound, synergistic effects within the formula itself. Learn about it’s power and potential to radically improve your health here.


Cupping is an incredibly powerful technique for healing many different conditions. Popularized by professional athletes for recovery from sports-related injury, it also has remarkable effects on enhancing immune function, and has been used for centuries to overcome colds, flus, reduce fever, and facilitate general detoxification and good health. Outstanding for both therapeutic purposes.


Similar to cupping, but with some important differences, Guasha is a method of using a smooth, hard surface together with an oil to apply a specialized friction to various tissues. An essential modality for stubborn and severe pain, it will often produce exceptional outcomes, even where other treatments fall short. In combination with acupuncture and cupping, it’s manifold benefits help thousands of patients conquer simple and difficult problems alike.


Joshua Lenti-Jones was educated at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver, in conjunction with direct tutelage from Dr. Tong Nian Zhuo, a modern master of classical methods. Joshua engaged in a portion of his practical studies at An Hui teaching hospital in Hei Fei City, China.


Initial Visit $132.5
Acupuncture subsequent $92.5
Laser acupuncture $77.5
Herbal Medicine $47.5
Cupping & Guasha (included)